The Eco Regular Pool

The Eco Regular Pool with space for two, a comfortable seat, cup holder for hydration and single use liner and many more features. Click here for more information.

Space for partner

Your partner may join you, support your labour if that is your preference. With our generously sized Regular Plus there is ample room to allow this without limiting your ability to move around.


Self Hydration

Lack of hydration may be associated with slower and more painful labour. Help yourself and keep hydrated with a refreshing drink with our integrated cupholder.

BPIAB Cupholder

Adjustable height

You can set the height of the birthing pool to suit your requirements with the three air chambers. If you feel unsteady getting into the pool, you can reduce the total wall height without loss of rigidity. Only our 3 chamber design allows that.


Bond with your new baby

Relax in the water and bond with your new baby. The integrated seat is the perfect height for resting and holding baby's head safely above the water.


Options for control

It's hard to know what you need beforehand, so there are handles in several places.

You can also purchase the optional MyAnchor to give you more control options.


Safety First

Safety is important when you are considering which birthing pool you are going to buy. Your Birth Pool in a Box comes with a single use liner that forms an effective barrier to both water and germs.

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