Finally I've found time to put fingers to keys as promised! Oskar is now nearly a month old and sleep is a distant memory for Jenny and me, though I hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't another train coming.Thank you once again for your extraordinary service and help back in November, also please thank your wife for graciously having her Saturday disturbed. Being able to use the pool really helped Jenny, even though events transpired to prevent Oskar arriving sub-aqua. Jenny reports that the feeling of weight being taken off her was incredible and she was able to relax sufficiently between contractions to doze.The inaugural field-test [of your new Regular pool] was a complete success - Jenny felt more secure in it than the [first-generation] Deluxe pool, due to it being significantly more substantial. The ease of inflation and deflation was incredible compared to the Deluxe. ...nice to deal with you, and I'm sure we'll use a pool next time!

Stuart Hayward, father of Oskar, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

We set up the pool without any problems following your instructions.
It took 2 of us exactly 15 minutes but that included drinking a cup of tea at the same time. We then went onto fill the pool to give us an idea on proportion of hot/cold water as we don't have mixer taps in the kitchen.
Once filled I could not resist so in I got - lights dimmed, glass of fruit juice in one hand, tv remote in the other. Bliss! There I stayed for two hours. Result: I have just had the first full night's sleep I have had in weeks. Baby is in back to back position so I have been plagued with back ache for weeks now making it impossible to sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. I was asleep by midnight and never stirred until 6.30am. In conclusion I think you should extend your market to sell to all pregnant women for relaxation during pregnancy even if they don't intend to use in labour. THANK YOU!

Karen Henry, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I had to email you to congratulate and thank you for the fantastic service I have recieved.
Two weeks ago I was making the decision between the Birth Pool in a Box and the Aquaborn I made the wrong decision of going with the Aquaborn with a competitor site and was told it would be with me within 2 weeks in time for my 37 week gestation mark (the only reason was my husband liked the green colour more). I called them yesterday to find out more information and was informed the delivery date would be the end of June -TOO LATE! I was appalled that nobody had contacted me and even worse my refund would take 5 working days! So yesterday I decided to order one from you at 12:40 and was suprised that afternoon to receive an email saying the product had been shipped already! This morning I received an text from the delivery man saying he would be with me between 07:47 and 08:47 I laughed at how precise he was and sure enough he turned up at 07:50 and brought the box into my house for me - FANTASTIC service on all parts!
So well done for fantastic customer service. As a midwife myself I will definitley be happy to recommend your company to my clients!

Claire Brown

Just wanted to let you know that Lucy was born yesterday at 5.11 am. 6 lb 4 oz.
Labour started at around 2 am, and I got in the pool at about 4.30 am after the midwife had examined me.
I had previously been feeling a 'limb' which I presumed 'hand' in my groin rather than a head and the babies movements in recent weeks had been quite uncomfortable. During the contractions the sensation was quite odd and was totally relieved when I got in the pool. I cannot describe how fantastic the water felt and how comfy the pool was to be in during contractions. When I felt the urge to push the water was beautifuuly supportive. We were all a bit suprised to see a foot appear, midwife included. The second midwife had not yet arrived so the first midwife asked me to stand up and called the paramedics in case. Subsequent pushing resulted in the second leg, she asked me to get out of the pool, and on the third push, Lucy appeared. The paramedics then arrived and a few minutes later so did the second midwife. Lucy is perfect and despite my breech delivery all is well. Second stage lasted a mere 15 mins.
I recently gave birth to my second child in water, at home and the experience was everything I had hoped for. Both my labours were quick and incredibly intense, this time I initially used the TENS machine but having had my first son in water, I really couldn't wait to get in the pool. By the time the midwife arrived (she didn't waste any time), I was already 8cm dilated and so my husband started to fill the pool straight away. As soon as the pool was full I got into the water and immediately felt more in control of my body and managed to feel some relief in between contractions, which prior to getting in the pool had felt almost constant.

We would like to offer a HUGE thank you to the the whole company for providing such comfortable and affordable birthing pools. Our beautiful baby boy had a calm, tranquil entrance into the world. He is a delightful, placid and very relaxed newborn. My husband and I truly believe that this is due to his wonderful waterbirth at home. Tyler weighed in at a whopping 9lb 12oz and his head circumference was 36cm and I did not require any stitches at all. The water was soothing and took the weight of my bump so that I could ease into more manageable contractions. A drug free birth that only lasted 4 hours in total, was worth the moneyspent on the pool and MORE! The pool itself was fantastic, comfortable on the knees and handles in the right places. We got the regular size pool which comfortably accommodated both my husband and I for our baby's birth. It was also very easy to get into and the design has been well thought out! THANK YOU!

Tracey, Mother of Tyler.

I got in the pool just before the second stage of labour began and when I was confirmed as 4cm dilated, and it was an absolutely amazing relief to feel supported by the water, rather than bearing all that weight on dry land which had become tiring. The warmth was really soothing, and as soon as I got in there the second stage kicked in, and Nina was born about an hour and a half later. The pool (regular size) was big enough for me to stretch out and float on my tummy, holding onto the side, when I wanted a break from kneeling up and leaning against the side. Nina was actually born above water, though I was still in the pool - I didn't mean to stand up but that's what happened, and I was told not to sit back down as she'd taken her first breath immediately and out of the water. When she was born I remained in the pool with her before the cord was cut. This pool was an older version of the regular size andhad no seat - so it was a bit tricky to get comfortable with her without myself floating up as there was nothing to anchor myself with. But otherwise, it was brilliant and I would really recommend it. Nina is my first baby, and I can't imagine wanting to give birth out of water now I've experienced this.

Josie Lewis, UK

Our little boy Louis arrived safe and sound on the 18 January following a water birth using the birth pool in a box. It was absolutely amazing to have a water birth and I found the whole experience exremely positive. I didn't actually use the pool until I was in the last stages of labour - but for the 40 minutes or so that I did use it for made theabsolute world of difference. The contractions were still intense (no getting away from that I'm afraid) - but the ease in which I was able to manouvre myself into different positions gave me some very welcome relief! The firm sides of the pool were great to lean over - and it was fantastic to be able to get so close to my husband without the needfor him to get into the pool himself.
My husband was responsible for inflating, filling and emptying (a job I didn't envy!) the pool and found the instructions and information you provided very easy to follow and most importantly of all - stress-free!

I just wanted to say 'wow and many thanks' - what a fantastic service! I ordered my regular birth pool in a box on Sunday night after been given the 'all-clear' by the midwife earlier in the day to aim for a water birth at home. I'd read about the product and seen one at my NCT antenatal class so was already impressed. Ordering and buying the birthpool on your website couldn't have been simpler, I then got a text this morning giving me an hour-slot within which to expect the courier and he was spot on time. The package is really neat and compact and the service unbelievably swift! I'm really impressed and can only hope that filling the pool and labour go just as smoothly......!! Many thanks.

Penny DeGruchy, Cheshire, United Kingdom

The pain relief it provided was amazing and the pool itself was fantastic. During the contractions I kneeled on the padded floor and gripped onto a handle with one hand and had the gas and air in the other, once the contraction subsided I was able to sit with my legs outstretched. The pool was so comfortable no matter what position I got in as it's padded all the way around and I really didn't want to get out, even after she was born!
We are now looking forward to next summer when we shall be using the pool to paddle in the garden with our two girls. Many Thanks.


The water soothed my whole body and the pool became 'my little world'; private and surprisingly calm. I had planned to used gas and air but given the speed that my labour had progressed, the midwife had not had time to collect this from the hospital on her way to my house. However, even though my first reaction was mild panic, I quickly decided that I was actually 'doing fine' without it and I am so pleased that I didn't use it. I felt confident in the water and was able to take in so much more detail of the birth and keep control. Such that this time I didn't tear and even delivered my beautiful son onto my chest myself. Completely magical.

Louise Bradbury

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl on 6th September at home, in water (in your birthing pool) I spent pretty much my entire labour in the pool and it was fantastic. We had already set up the birthing pool the week before and checked out how to fill it. When I went into labour my contractions were coming thick and fast so my Husband had to fit the liner and fill the pool all by himself, but it was very easy and quick to do. As soon as the midwives arrived I climbed into the pool and there I stayed with my husband topping up the pool every so often with hot water.