Other Hospitals offering WaterBirth

Water birth option comes to CRMC birthing center.

On June 1 2013, CRMC was officially certified to offer water birth as an option for laboring mothers who meet the necessary criteria.

“It’s something where we have the ability to respond and help women have the delivery they desire,” Goodwin said. “They’re asking for support on this — we want to be able to give that to them.”

Water birth is not much different than a normal birth, Goodwin said. “Water in general shortens labors,” she explained. “It relaxes women and the process of dilating seems to speed up a bit.” Reports have shown that women who have opted for water birth experience less pain, shorter labor process, decreased need for pain medicine and decreased bleeding and lacerations.

The process is exactly what it sounds like it is ­— instead of laboring and delivering their baby in a hospital bed, women have the option to deliver in the waters of a small inflatable pool.


Extract from onilne article, to read more about CRMC offering Waterbirth and why they set up this service.  Please visit. http://brainerddispatch.com/lifestyle/2013-09-16/water-birth-option-comes-crmc-birthing-center