Professional Pools

Professional Pools

Serenity Birth Center with Regular Professional Pool

The Professional Birth Pool in a Box comes with a 40 use manufacturer's warranty.  This is the only inflatable Birth Pool on the market which offers this usage.  Our Pool also has Product Insurance, again this is the only inflatable pool on the market with this insurance. 

Our "40 use" warranty is to give peace of mind to families and midwives knowing that the pool they are using is fit for purpose.  Even though there are cheap alternatives on the market they are often too shallow and poor quality.  We cover our products with warranties and insurance because our tubs are the best. 

Our pool is used with a fitted liner from Birth Pool in a Box - the professional pool warranty is void if the pool is used with any other "generic" liner.  Our fitted liner has been developed as a system to work in conjunction with the pool giving a tight, contact fit.   Please make sure you purchase BPIAB liners from your reseller and keep your warranty. 

"The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend."
Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Founder of Waterbirth International and leader in waterbirth credentialing.